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Guide to 6 different styles of Irish dancing

Most people are only aware of one style of Irish dance- Irish step dancing, brought to world fame by the Riverdance production.

There are many other styles, with the biggest difference being whether the dance style is either:

  • Flat DOWN - flatter, gliding style with more use of the heels & weight sinks down into the floor
  • Ballet UP- ballet style with pointed toes and high on the balls of the feet & weight is lifted up from the floor

6 Different Styles OF Irish Dance

  1. Irish Set Dancing              Flat DOWN
  2. Irish Sean Nós Dancing   Flat DOWN
  3. Irish Step Dancing Traditional Flat DOWN
  4. Irish Step Dancing Modern Ballet UP
  5. Irish Céilí Dancing               Ballet UP
  6. Irish Two-Hand Dancing     Flat DOWN

However, the essence is that all use Irish music, very rhythmic and should be fun to do!

 ... And Just For Fun: For The Craic!

Why the Irish dance that way...a short humorous look at why the Irish dance the way they do - enjoy!

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