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Modern Irish Step Dancing

Irish Step Dancing- Modern Ballet UP style

Solo dancing, occasionally with partner; usually performance or competition; pointed toes dancing on the balls of the feet, skipping style, erect stance. High kicking and leaping is also a signature of this dance style, using either soft shoes (as in the video below) or hard shoes (next video below that one), depending on the dance.

This style is the best known style of Irish dance and is extremely popular, with huge numbers of young people attending weekly classes and competing  and performing to a very high standard. There many Irish dancing schools around the world and almost without exception, they only teach Irish step dancing and céilí dancing.

irish Céilí style dancing also forms part of Modern Irish Step Dancing competitions and performances, and is when more than one dancer is dancing together with either one other person (2 hand), group of 4 (4-hand) and group of 8 (8-hand). These dances are usually known as 2-hand, 4-hand or 8 hand jigs or reels. This is different to Irish Two-Hand Dancing as the style is BALLET UP, with similar stepping to Modern Irish Step Dancing soft shoe dancing.



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