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Properly fitting and supportive shoes are important for irish dancing as there is a lot of quick and repetitive movement. Good old fashioned lace-up shoes work well for men and women, although as long as the shoes support your feet and slide on the floor, you'll be right!

  • The sole should be leather or other slippery surface such as plastic, and the thicker the sole is the more support you will get. Never dance with a rubber sole, if you can avoid it, as these can lead to twisted knees and ankles as the rubber sticks and catches on the floor.  If you only have rubber-soled shoes you can cover the sole with duct tape to reduce the grip and make them better to dance in. A little bit of talcum powder on the soles can also improve the slide of the shoes.
  • To test how supportive a pair of shoes or boots are:- grip the heel in one hand and the toe in the other and twist. Less amount of twist is good and supportive while more twist means you will not get as much support.

See our blog Irish Bliss for a lot more about shoes...

Where to find shoes?

Easy Irish Dance recommend these & would be pleased to take your recommendations:

  • www.talbotdance.ie -Talbot Dance Centre:Good quality Irish dancing shoes: Dublin, Ireland.
  • Áine Quinn - Email Áine for set dancing shoes made in Ireland or ring  +353 87 850 6576
  • Don’t forget that second-hand (foot!) shops & online can offer a great range of well-priced and suitable shoes- Irish Dance Shoe Exchange ONLINE

Irish dance shoes- brown leather Max Mara laceup shoes. (www.EasyIrishDance.com) Image credit: Nora Stewart, Easy Irish Dance.

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