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Start Dancing Irish Reel Steps: DOWNLOAD now

AUD $19.00

Product Description

Start Dancing Great Sounding Reels

Get that great percussion started on the dance floor in the simplest way possible, by learning the 1,2,3,4 rhythm of the reel step.


Who is this for?

This download is great for beginner dancers who would like to learn very simple reel steps or for long-time dancers who would like to improve the rhythm and timing of basic steps.

  • Irish set dancing
  • Irish sean nós dancing
  • Traditional Irish step dancing 

The style of these steps are FLAT ie. the foot is flat on the floor, not dancing on the balls of the feet or pointed toes. These steps are suitable for using in Irish set dancing, as part of an Irish sean nos dance routine or just simply for fun!

What will I learn?

This DOWNLOAD will show you very clearly how to do a foundation down reel step, including a 4 step reel routine which I will teach you, step by step, & then practice starting at a simple pace.You can then speed up your routine to your own music.


  1. Learn three basic reel steps that have great rhythm including 2-point battering, to prepare for 3-point battering.
  2. Practice these three reel steps to music.
  3. Learn how to add the third step into 3-point battering.
  4. Practice all three reel steps to music, including 3-point battering step.
  5. Also includes a 6 page PDF booklet with all the steps, tips for dancing and more!


AUD $19 - approximately US$18, EUR €13 and GBP £10.50



64 MB

The quality of this downloadable video is best for small screen devices. If you would like high quality for a larger screen, please choose to buy a DVD.


3 x films are .mp4 format

Booklet is PDF format.


This download is a folder of ZIPPED/COMPRESSED files.You should not need any extra software to unzip this folder.

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